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Wedding Services

Pre-Wedding Service

  • Hold initial consultations with clients to discuss their desired type of wedding and budget.
  • Give estimates and allocations for the wedding budget.
  • ⁠Recommend wedding venues and vendors.
  • ⁠Arrange and facilitate vendor meetings and bookings.
  • ⁠Organize planning meetings via phone and email between planners and clients.
  • ⁠Review and negotiate contracts with chosen vendors and handle necessary payments.
  • ⁠Create a detailed wedding day itinerary.
  • Coordinate with vendors to ensure prompt provision of services or products.
  • Arrange a final meeting with clients and vendors, including a walkthrough.
  • ⁠Conduct a rehearsal for the wedding ceremony and dinner reception.
  • ⁠Coordinate all wedding details, such as personal items, gifts, dresses, stationery, and directory for clients or guests.
  • ⁠Provide wedding checklist reports throughout the planning process.
  • ⁠Keep track of expenses and payments, ensuring they align with the budget.
  • ⁠Regularly update the couple on the financial status of the wedding.

The Wedding Day Service

  • Provide full-scale coordination on the wedding day to ensure the smooth execution of all plans.
  • Serve as a troubleshooter on the wedding day, resolving any issues or unforeseen challenges that may arise.
  • Coordinate with vendors to ensure seamless execution and oversee logistical details such as transportation and accommodation for guests.
  • ⁠Provide the wedding team:
    • ⁠Wedding Coordinator
    • ⁠Bride’s Assistant
    • ⁠Groom’s Assistant
    • ⁠Bride’s Family Assistant
    • ⁠Production Coordinator
    • F&B Coordinator
    • ⁠Floor Coordinator
    • ⁠Talent & MC Coordinator
    • ⁠Event Runners

Post-Wedding Service

  • Examine all the invoices related to the wedding and perform a comprehensive billing review with both the venue and vendors.
  • ⁠Follow up on the photography and videography results and deliver them to the couple.

Our primary objective is to minimize stress for the couple and guarantee that their wedding day is flawlessly executed, showcasing their vision and creating an unforgettable experience.

Service Exlusions

  • Processing payments to vendors for essential services. We can help facilitate the payment process, but this does not cover payment fees, taxes, or any associated bank charges.
  • This also applies to trial services, such as food tasting, hair and makeup trials, and so on.
  • If any of these charges are incurred, they will be passed on to the client.

We can assist you in organizing the following services. However, all charges will be billed to the client:

  • Holiday/honeymoon arrangements, restaurant bookings, or any other arrangements not directly related to wedding planning services.
  • Meals for all staff and vendors on the wedding day.
  • Airport transfers.
  • RSVP and wedding website services.
  • Transportation for wedding service providers and event participants.

Please note:

  • The number of team members required will be determined based on the size of the wedding.
  • Personal family assistants are available at an additional cost. It depends on the number of individuals they will be responsible for. Also, the number of hours they are required to be on standby. Examples include; nannies, nurses, and elderly assistants.
  • Professional translators for Mandarin, Cantonese, and French languages can be provided at an extra fee.